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MR VenkateshM.R. Venkatesh is a Chartered Accountant who addresses the Business concerns relating to Economic Policies, International trade and Business strategies.

M. R. Venkatesh passed Chartered Accountancy in 1992 with an all India Ranking and has been in active practice since 1993 as partner of GSV Associates, Chartered Accountants, Chennai.

M. R. Venkatesh has authored books titled "Sense, Sensex and Sentiments"  and "Dr. Manmohan Singh - A DECADE OF DECAY" .


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  • Wednesday, 06 August 2014


  • Wednesday, 23 July 2014

    The financial assistance to Unitech was provided by LIC way back in 2008 even as the 2G spectrum scam was unfolding.

    “This case is a blatant example of a deliberate bid to benefit a private party to the detriment of LIC. It involves acting completely contrary to law, repeated misleading of Investment Committee, submission of untruths to the DFS to mislead and gross administrative incompetency or undue benefit being extended to a persistent defaulter.”

    This is the observation of a senior official within the Finance Ministry.

  • Wednesday, 23 July 2014

    Food grains [rice and wheat] stocks held by FCI and State agencies were 69.84 million tonnes as on June 1, 2014 vis-à-vis the buffer stock norm of 21.20 million tonnes as on April 1, 2014. 

    That in simple language means that the Government has pulled out approximately 50 million tonnes from markets and holds this stock over and above what is apparently required at this time of the year. In short, this is hoarding by Government and not by private parties! Yet, every time there are spikes in food commodities in India, strangely the national discussion invariably skips the debilitating impact of pubic hoarding, especially on inflation.

    Put pithily, food inflation is a creation of faulty economy policies compounded by sheer incompetency of successive governments. And this incompetency compounded by denial is at the root of the present consternation of all economic ills plaguing the nation.


  • Friday, 18 July 2014

    It is only fair that any analysis of a Budget must be rooted to the state of the economy. That would, in more ways than one, provide an overall context to its textual contents. Most economists and analysts are unanimous of their view (especially after the clear mandate to the NDA in the recently concluded elections) that the decade of UPA rule was indeed a disaster on several fronts, notably, on managing the national economy. It was therefore remarked in the run up the Budget 2014 that the incumbent finance minister (FM) has as much fiscal elbow room as Christ had on the cross.

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