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MR VenkateshM.R. Venkatesh is a Chartered Accountant who addresses the Business concerns relating to Economic Policies, International trade and Business strategies.

M. R. Venkatesh passed Chartered Accountancy in 1992 with an all India Ranking and has been in active practice since 1993 as partner of GSV Associates, Chartered Accountants, Chennai.

M. R. Venkatesh has authored books titled "Sense, Sensex and Sentiments"  and "Dr. Manmohan Singh - A DECADE OF DECAY" .


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  • Friday, 20 March 2015

    In a series of articles in the run up to the Budget 2015 I had pointed out on the weak financials of the Indian corporate sector. The consequential debilitating impact on the economy, especially in the finances of our nationalised banks, too was explained in these pieces.

    Last week the International Monetary Fund published the Indian Country Report...

  • Monday, 09 March 2015

    One of the first legal principles is that the any law ought to be prospective in its application; not retrospective.

  • Thursday, 05 March 2015

    Whether we need a new “comprehensive law to deal with black money parked abroad” as proposed by Budget 2015. Or would existing laws backed by intent suffice?

  • Wednesday, 25 February 2015

    On the 28th of February Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present the first full budget of the Narendra Modi led NDA Government. Mr. M.R. Venkatesh, Chennai based Chartered Accountant, has attempted to address, through his scintillating series on the Budget 2015 published as an e-book titled ‘#Budget 2015: What India wants’, the question as to

        “How must the Finance Minister navigate his way through the challenges and what path must he chart for India through his Budget 2015?”

  • Tuesday, 24 February 2015

    There are 30-odd Islamic Republics world over. Not one provides subsidy to its citizens for travelling to Haj. We the Secular Democratic Republic of India does it. Constitutionalists who otherwise quote our sublime Constitution at the drop of the hat when it comes to pontificate the majority community remain silent on this Constitutional perfidy by the Union Budget year after year.

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