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Budget 2015 Expectations: E-Book

On the 28th of February Finance Minister Arun Jaitley will present the first full budget of the Narendra Modi led NDA Government. Mr. M.R. Venkatesh, Chennai based Chartered Accountant, has attempted to address, through his scintillating series on the Budget 2015 published as an e-book titled ‘#Budget 2015: What India wants’, the question as to

“How must the Finance Minister navigate his way through the challenges and what path must he chart for India through his Budget 2015?”

The must read interesting little e-book on ‘#Budget 2015: What India wants’ can be read and downloaded from

It must be said that Mr. M.R. Venkatesh was already thinking ahead on the challenges of 2015, back in 2014 when the series started. Through this multipart series Mr. Venkatesh has delved into a wide set of areas ranging from Taxation to Ease of Doing Business, while getting into hard questions on Water, Food among others.

For Budget 2015 expectations from FM are very high as he has set himself about the arduous task of crafting a Budget Proposal for a nation as diverse and complex as ours. On the one hand are the growth pangs of the Economy after a decade of decay during the UPA era. On the other hand is the challenge of Inflation.

Budget 2015 comes at a pivotal moment when Global Oil Prices are at an all-time low and continue on a downward spiral thanks in much to the Geo-Politics of Oil. The UPA left behind a litany of populist schemes for the NDA to deal with.

The UPA also left behind a legacy of Laws that have thrown a spanner at both development and economic growth. The list of long overdue reforms is lengthy. The political capital for the NDA Government to get bold and visionary is ample.

‘#Budget 2015: What India wants’ is a quick read and a must read for everyone who has a view on what this Budget ought to be like and what to take away from the Budget once it is finally presented.

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