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A retired bureaucrat and a good friend of mine had a wonderful annecdote to narrate. Having been served a notice from the Deputy Commissioner Income Tax, my friend – at that time a Secretary to an  unimportant department of the Government of India – sent his personal secretary with all details [most of which were innocous] on the appointed date to meet the Income Tax authority. The personal secretary was surprised to see that his boss was not the only person who had received notice from the said Deputy Commisoner as quite a few personal secretaties representing their respective bosses were also present there. Made to wait for a few hours, the personal secretary complained to his boss who even as a Secretary, Government of India, could not do much at that point in time.

Notwithstanding pulls and pressures will Budget 2015 bring about a simple plan for water storage by identifying, repairing and rejuvenating existing water bodies? Remember simplicity is a complex affair. It would not cost much and would provide ocular demonstration of job opportunities to our poor.

Will the FM do the needful? Or will he like his predecessor take a flight of fancy?

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