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Why the media's credibility is at stake

The curious dealings of Robert Vadra have become even more curious, with a bank mentioned in the balance sheet of one of his companies denying it ever undertook a transaction clearly stated in the firm's auditor's report."

This is how a leading pink paper of the country carried out a story on the latest "scam" to hit the political scene.

Wholesale of India, by FDI in retail

A democratically elected government cannot bulldoze its way through, whatever be the compulsions.

Kamikaze warriors, it may be recalled, were Japanese suicide aviators. In the closing stages of World-War II they sought to destroy Allied warships more effectively than was possible through conventional means. These suicide bombers effectively turned ordinary aircraft into missiles as pilots would crash their aircraft into enemy ships with a lethal combination of explosives, bombs, torpedoes and aviation fuel. No wonder to this day these warriors are revered in Japan.

With each passing day Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh resembles a Kamikaze warrior on a suicide mission. What else would explain the rationale behind the announcement of the United Progressive Alliance government in allowing 51 per cent foreign direct investment (FDI) in domestic retail even as allies, Cabinet colleagues and party workers are opposed to it? With several states - including Kerala (a Congress ruled state) - announcing their opposition to implement this policy, is this not a non-starter? Why then this policy initiative in the first place?

If the dream team was responsible for the economic growth between 2004 and 2008 they are responsible for the fall between 2008 and now.

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