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Why the Markets crashed - Ask Him

Economics is a funny discipline. After all, when prices of potatoes spurt, economists call it inflation and when stock prices increase, it is hailed as a booming economy! Contrary to the popular understanding, it is not an abstract, theoretical and stand-alone subject. In fact, it is rooted in culture, mirrors fundamental laws of natural sciences, tempers through psychology, explained mathematically, influences politics and gets influenced by religion. In short, economics is incapable of being rationalised. But if you thought economics was complex, it is a walk in the park when compared to stock markets. What stock markets bear to economics, the Upanishads bear to Vedas. The recent stock market crash presented a perfect opportunity for me to seek enlightenment. Given the complexities involved I did not believe any mortal, I approached Him to understand who and what caused the mid May mayhem.

Why Rice at Rs 2 is an election Issue


Elections, the ultimate expression in a democracy, fascinate me, as it should anybody. Indian elections, with her myriad colours, mosaic features and medley of activities, makes me feel breathless. And within elections in India, elections in TN are my favourite. Readers may note that despite my being a Tamilian, such an assessment is strictly professional and not emotional. No wonder that when RP, the Psephologist guru of India, called me to tour along with him to interior TN, I was mightily thrilled. After all it would provide an opportunity to get a first hand account of the state of affairs in TN.

The new frontiers of finance

“Horse” Trading for a “Stable” Government

Mr. Bharadhan by accusing the UPA government of indulging in rampant horse-trading has set the cat amongst pigeons. According to this senior Communist Party leader the going rate for every MP’s vote in the crucial confidence motion is Rs 25 crores. That is not to speak of a possible berth in the cabinet or to merely allow CBI to go slow on some cases pending against some of our Hon’ble MPs accused of murder, rape or arson. Who said that the Hon’ble Members of our Parliament did not understand market economics or politics?

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