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Used as it was to revolve around the whims and fancies of Jaya, the AIADMK has neither a clear second line nor a party machinery that can function in the aftermath of the conviction of Jayalalithaa.

The initial shock of following the conviction of the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu is yet to sink in fully within Tamil Nadu. Political observers, nevertheless are quick to point out that it is too early to write the political epitaph of the mercurial leader. Let me hasten to add they are not absolutely baseless. Jaya was written-off by these very political pundits on innumerable occasions in the past only to eat the humble pie shortly.

The repeated political reincarnation of Jayalalithaa is part of TN’s, why even India’s, political folklore. What made her comeback stunning every time in the past is that like the phoenix, she has risen from the proverbial ashes only to quixotically fall back into the very fire from which she rose in the first place.

Let the Pakistan crisis be a lesson for all who call themselves secularists.

The term failed state is explained by Wikipedia as a case where the state has been rendered ineffective.  Importantly, it must be unable to enforce its laws or provide basic goods and services to its citizens. Existence of factors (or combination thereof) high crime rates, extreme political corruption, an ineffective bureaucracy, judicial ineffectiveness, military interference in politics and cultural situations in which traditional leaders wield more power than the state etc. would broadly characterise a failed state.

Nevertheless, there is no real consensus on the precise definition of a “failed-State.” Various Government agencies and think-tanks often use their own indicators leading to a nebulous understanding of the term. Whatever be it, for most international observers, the fact remains Pakistan is by definition a failed State using any or all of these parameters.

Modi has arrived. But is India ready?

Modi has arrived. Probably the country is not yet ready. Modi knows it. If Modi destroys the existing political consensus he will have to quickly replace it with another.

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