M R Venkatesh is a well-known commentator of issues of Finance and Economics and relates it to political developments and implications. This collection of articles by him written over a period of time provides us a clue to the deteriorating aspects of our economy and financial power in the last decade. He also focuses on the declining probity in our public institutions and regulatory bodies.  This book will be a good arsenal for the opposition in the context of elections to Parliament within a year.

Professor of Finanace

Bannerghatta Road

This collection of sharply worded collection of articles by M R Venkatesh, one of the highly intelligent and bright financial experts of current generation of professionals is a valuable and timely contribution to our national debate on current affairs and governance. Each of the articles contains a wealth of data and sharp analysis. Venkatesh is an excellent wordsmith and is a superb coiner of the sound bites. As he claims, he is reactive, not reactionary. Unfortunately, his effort at the moment may appear to be a waste of talent. He is trying to wake the rulers who are pretending to be sleeping, but not actually asleep.

N. Vittal
Former Chief Vigilance Commissioner